Monday, July 1, 2013

tahoe, take two.

Steve hosted a tournament once again in Tahoe this past weekend, & we went up there for a night to get away from the 108 degree weather Sacramento was having.  Have I mentioned that Tahoe is amazingly gorgeous?  Definitely in the top three prettiest places I've ever seen.  The weather was in the mid eighties & the girls & I loved visiting Steve.  Even though he was only gone a few nights, we still missed him like crazy.  

He happened to get off early on the day we came up so we spent the day on the lake, & ended the night with a nice dinner.  


  1. I demand a fitness / diet post! Your bod is unreal. Gorgeous pics mama!

  2. How fun!! You make me want to plan a Tahoe family trip like.. ASAP! And seriously, you don't even look like you were ever PREGNANT! ANd these pics are ADORABLE! Especially the one of them running in the hallway of the hotel!