Thursday, August 1, 2013

Anniversary Countdown Part II - Sweet Things.

Now a lot people don't know this about Steve, but he is an undercover romantic.  You might not know it by his (mildly inappropriate) sense of humor & sarcastic personality, but he has always made me feel like the most loved lady in all the land.  Here are some of the sweet things he has done throughout the years that have made my heart pitter-patter. ;)

-Before he left on his mission, he covered the ceiling of my bedroom with stars & made a sign that said, "Honey, You are My Shining Star" (like the song, ya know?) so I would always see it & think about him before I went to sleep at night.  

-Also before his mission he made a video for me full of a bunch of clips of him talking about random memories of ours - except I could only watch one clip a month (the 8th of every month).  They were SO hilarious & cute & made waiting for him (a little bit) easier.

-When Steve was in summer training for the Sierra College basketball team, he worked out a TON & I asked if he would be my personal trainer so I could have abs of steel.  He made me a video of him with abs drawn on his stomach (so it looked like he had a fake 8 pack), & made a full blown exercise tape.  There was even a blooper segment at the end. I nearly die laughing every time I watch it - he got SO into it like he was Billy Blanks himself or something.  I would so post it on here but he would totally divorce me.  

-I told Steve I wanted a heart shaped diamond ring before we were engaged (sounded like a good idea at 19) , & he went out & designed it all himself.  He did good! :)

-I've mentioned this before, but while on his mission he made me a huge binder called "The Notebook," like the movie, & wrote down pages & pages of our whole love story "in case I got Alzheimer's."  He had pictures in it & listed so many sweet memories that I never would have remembered.  Missionaries barely get any time to do anything for themselves, so the fact that he spent all his rare spare time doing this for me was incredibly sweet.  I cherish it so much.  

-Steve always had a way of making everything special & romantic for me - asking me to homecomings/proms, Valentine's Day gifts, - they were always so unique & original.  He went out of his way to decorate my locker, or make me a treasure hunt on Valentine's Day, always something to impress me - & I was always so impressed. ;)

-All the letters he wrote to me while on his mission he would put in neon colored envelopes so I would notice right away if I got something from him in the mail.  I stalked our mailman SO much those two years - I'm lucky that poor man didn't call the cops on me.

-He made a book once for me of him dressed as me, in my clothes, with a wig (oh yes) about me & things he loved about me.  Another thing he'd kill me for if I posted.  Just let your imagination run wild of Steve in a pink shirt & hawaiian print skirt! 

-Another romantic quality about Steve was how respectful he was.  If he came over & no one was home, we would grab a blanket & hang out on the front yard & just hang out & talk until someone came home.  We made it a priority to wait for "that" until we were married, & I'll always be grateful for the respect he gave me - 'cause it ain't easy folks!

-Steve always knew how much I loved to dance, so one night when it was his turn to plan our date he surprised me & had me get all dressed up & took me to a dancing lesson.  Dancing is NOT Steve's forte`, but he let loose & got out of his comfort zone because he knew how happy it would make me.  

-Steve knew how obsessed I was with the movie "The Notebook," so in high school he read the book & did a book report on it.  I think he secretly liked it, too. ;)

I could literally go on all day - but I'll spare you.  I'll always be incredibly grateful that I landed such a sweet, thoughtful, & creative guy to call mine forever. 

{Our engagement pictures}


  1. This is amazingly adorable. Give mes hope for true love. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. I am dying laughing at the workout video thing. Oh my word. That is so cute and so hilarious. You picked a good one. :)

  3. I'm dying right now over all of these. I can't even tell which one is my favorite because they are all so thoughtful & creative. With a guy like that, you'll have years and years of fun and amazing memories<3 Happy anniversary to you guys! & I think it's so awesome that you guys waited for "that" till your wedding - I can't imagine it was easy, but what a sweet story and model you set for your little ones. Very special :)

  4. Oh my gosh I laughed a ton reading this! You guys remind me so much of Jeff & I ( you all are a few years younger though ;p) but I think that's why I always have a big grin on my face whenever I read posts about the two of you. What a gorgeous couple you make! PS- I SOOOO wish Steve would let you post that workout vid LOL! Come on Steve, PLEASE!!!