Tuesday, August 20, 2013

recent pictures.

You know how I mentioned a while ago how I was going to make a goal to bring my camera places we went so I could actually get some pictures of stuff we do OUTSIDE the house?  Yeah, that didn't happen.  Which is too bad because we have done some pretty fun stuff the past few weeks - park trips, pool trips, & some fun play dates.  

Here are some pictures that I DID get of the girls around the house the past couple weeks. (Plus a couple grainy iPhone pics) We are in the heart of summer and loving it.  Summer is a thousand times better with kids.  Come to think of it, everything kind of is.  

Swimming + cousins + grammy's house = kid's dream come true.

Her very first Starbucks chocolate milk.  Now we can't leave Target without one!  It makes her day every time.

Such personality this little one has. 

At the gym pool with dad.  She is getting more brave in the water. (Before she would only sit on the edge and dip her feet in!) 

This poor baby got two teeth the past few weeks.  Lots and lots of comfort nursing and sleeping on mom but she finally cut them through.  They look WAY cute, too. :)

The thing that drew me in to this neighborhood was this view right here. I can't believe we've been living here a year almost!

Every time she goes up the stairs she looks out this window and asks, "When's Daddy comin' home?  Where's the big twuck?"

She begs me to blow bubbles all day long these days. 

I was getting frustrated feeding Kate baby food the other day because she kept on hitting the spoon and making a mess, so I decided to just hand her a piece of watermelon and she LOVED feeding herself.  (And of course Aubrey saw and HAD to have a piece too).  She's been self feeding a lot more now & loves it.  Why must she act like such a big girl and break my heart?

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  1. Love the photos of her in pigtails with that adorable dress!! Makes her look SOOOO big!