Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Disneyland! (Day One)

We took a trip down to Southern California last week & our first stop was no place other than Disneyland!  This was the first time Aubrey went where I was really excited for her.  She has been twice before, but now she knows lots of characters & could go on more rides.  She is in a BIG princess stage right now.  It's all the girl talks about!  Her favorites are Snow White & Rapunzel, so I ordered some cute dresses on etsy & she just loved wearing them & telling everyone she saw about them.  

I'm going to have to do this vacation trip in parts because I took HUNDREDS of pictures & I'm pretty sure Blogger only allows you to upload a certain amount per day.  Here goes!

 Checking in to our room.. Kate is making sure it's up to par.

Stopped by Disney to buy our tickets... there was a long line so we sent Dad while we took some pictures ;)

 This was before Aubrey freaked out that Kate was pulling her hair.  This happens often!

We ate at the Rainforest Cafe..

 Jumpin' on the bed...she was so excited for this whole "Disneyland" we've been talking to her about for so long!

 Daddy with his little Snow Whites.

We got there 1.5 hours early.  We were a tad excited!

First obligatory family picture at the front gate!

First ride - Teacups!

 Then it was time to meet "Sleeping Booty"

She asked Aubrey what her favorite color was & she said without skipping a beat, "Polka dots!" :)

 Really Disneyland?  This is the lighting you have in the princess room?  Ugh!

 All Aubrey talked to Cinderella about was asking about where Snow White was. Ha!

 We don't really do Winnie the Pooh...but it was a short line, so why not?

She finally met her!

 We watched a live performance of Disney Jr. & it had her favorite shows - Sofia the First, Little Einsteins, Doc McStuffins, & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!  She was in heaven & it was a nice break. :)

We ended the day with more rides & a random parade in California Adventure.


  1. Loved the pictures and looks like you guys had a great time! I can't wait to take Layla and Mariam. We've been with our oldest, but the little ones have yet to go.

  2. This looks so fun! We went to WDW last year for the first time, we are going again next year but after that I would love to visit disneyland!

  3. We went to Disneyland 2 weeks ago and I was disappointed with the lighting for the princesses too! Glad you had fun, your girls look so darling!