Friday, September 6, 2013

Eight Months of Kate Brielle

It's been a whole 8 months since this cutie joined our family.

Oh how I love her!  She is still the sweetest, happiest little thing & it's impossible to be in a bad mood around her.  This month, she:

- had her first trip to Disneyland, San Diego, & Sea World.  She was a champ on the long car rides.  (Lots of Mum Mums did the trick!)

-Let's skip to the important news: She says, "mama."  Well, more like "Mamamamama", but I'll take it. She can also say, "Dadadadada" & "Babababa" but not as much as Mama.  I nearly die each time.  

-She waves a lot now.  She kind of flails her arm up & down.  It's precious.  

-She is starting to eat tiny bites of non-pureed food.  She gobbles it all up!

-Speaking of eating, she still nurses 5 or 6 times a day.  She's so quick now, it usually only takes about 5 minutes.  Besides that she has breakfast, lunch, & dinner, & sometimes a few snacks.  

-She crawls big girl style 100% of the time now.  No more army crawling.  If I don't have my eye constantly on her I'll find her halfway up the stairs!  I seriously need to get some baby gates going before I lose my mind.  

-When she sees food, or sees something she wants to chew on, she sticks her little tongue out like a dog & goes and gets it!  It's hilarious.

-When she's really hungry & wants to nurse, she tries to take off my shirt - even if we're at the store.  Girl knows what she wants, when she wants!  Also - she thinks nursing covers are evil.  The only thing I can do to keep covered now is tie a Aden+Anais blanket around my neck.

-Loves playing with her big sister so, so much.  The past couple months they have really started playing together.  It pulls at my heart strings so much - Kate thinks Aubrey is just the funniest, most amazing person ever.  I agree!

-She "dances" to music.  She especially loves this one little chicken toy of Aubrey's that sings The Chicken Dance song & will bounce up & down to it & giggle the whole time.  

-Got two new teeth!  It sure was a tough couple weeks of teething, but she is sporting two cute new pearly whites now.  (No biting yet, fingers crossed!)

It sickens me that I was perusing Pinterest for birthday party ideas the other day.  I remember with Aubrey I would get so emotional each passing month, but now that I know how awesome babies are after they turn into toddlers it makes the passing months sting a little less.  I still am trying to soak up that sweet tiny body with lots of snuggles, cheek gobbles, & a bazillion games of peekaboo.  This stage is PURE heaven.  


  1. Ahhh! How crazy is it how fast they grow up and how time flies by? Mine is just shy of 8 weeks but the time since she was born feels like 100 years and 10 seconds at the same time.

  2. Beautiful photos! Enjoy every moment!

  3. Hey! Question for you...would you consider doing a tutorial post on your photography business so far? I'm getting into photography lately, and am interested in what you use for camera, lenses, backdrops, editing, etc. :)

  4. Also, Kate is a MEGA cutie. I love her big 'ole eyes!!

  5. She just gets more gorgeous as time goes on. That last picture seriously is just stunning! Her eyes are just beautiful and she's got the cutest little face! And it's awesome that you happent to be a super talented photographer because you can capture every adorable age of both your kids in such a beautiful way!

  6. Oh man, I still DIE every time Gunner says "mamamamamaaaaaaa" it just melts my heart! And yay for new teeth & dance moves! This (as you know) is the funnest age and from here out, I swear, they just grow like weeds!

    And yes, bday planning is incredibly bittersweet. I'm currently in that mode also