Tuesday, September 24, 2013

four fall favorites.

As of this week, it is officially FALL.  Usually I have all my decor up by this point, so I am really slacking this year!  

Here are my four FAVORITE things about Fall.

1.  The clothes.  HELLO!  Cable knit sweaters.  Leggings.  Plaid.  BOOTS.  I just got Aubrey AND myself some new riding boots & I'm beyond thrilled to be able to start wearing them.  (80 degrees is "cool" enough for riding boots, right?!)

via nordstrom.com

via babygap.com

Aubrey's have a bow on the back.  Adorable!

2.)  The food.  Chili & cornbread - enough said.  Oh, and pumpkin spice flavored EVERYTHING.  I have the best recipe ever for pumpkin bread - we devour loaves of it each Fall. :)

3.) The weather.  So cool & crisp - but not freezing.  Dream weather!  In Sacramento we don't get the nice cool Fall weather until mid-late October, but it's been in the low 80's recently & it's already got me excited!  There's also nothing better than when the leaves start changing color & the delightful crunchy noise they make when you step on them.

4.)  Picking out a Halloween costume.  I usually have our costumes picked out months before Halloween & this year was no exception.  This time I had the pleasure of discovering  THIS etsy shop that makes all sorts of amazing costumes.  We aren't talking the cheapy Party City costumes - this is good quality stuff that fellow mom Eva designs & hand sews herself.  We got our costumes custom designed by her this year & I'm SO excited to show them to you - but you'll have to wait another month ;)

Here are some goodies she has in her shop:

Baby ice cream cones! Ah!  So cute.

And a little renaissance prince.  Precious.

Not only does she make costumes, she makes blankets & accessories as well.  Eva was kind enough to include a coupon code for you to use for free shipping: "TALESFREESHIPPING" 

Needless to say, I'm thrilled it's Fall and can't wait for all the memories to be made this this season.


  1. TOTALLY obsessed with riding boots. I don't think you can ever have enough!

  2. I love riding boots, but I have man calves and tiny feet so it's never worked out for me :'(


  3. I'm local to you. Didn't you love how the first day of Fall was so Fall-ish?!

  4. Please share your pumpkin bread recipe!

  5. I'm looking around for my riding boots for this fall right now!! And pumpkin spice EVERYTHING and plaid are a few of my favorites as well! & yayyyyy for etsy codes!! ;)) Can't wait to see what costumes you have in store, you guys always dress so cute! I'm still debating on ours for our (probably) family of four!