Monday, September 30, 2013

touches of fall & a sick baby girl.

Last night Aubrey woke up with the stomach bug.  I don't know what it is, but when you have a sick kid you feel like such a mom.  They just need you so much, & trust you to cuddle them & help them feel better.  As much as I despise seeing my baby in pain & not feeling well, I just can't help but be honored to get the opportunity to serve my baby girl & practice what being a mom is all about.  

When I was little & got sick, my mom took the BEST care of me.  She would stay home from work, put cold washcloths on my forehead, go out to the store at any hour & get me whatever it was that I needed or that would help me feel better.  She would tickle my back, make me whatever food sounded good, & just treated me so well.  I'm so grateful for her example & I hope I can take care of my kiddos half as good as she cared for me.  (Heck, she STILL will come see me & help me out when I'm sick sometimes!)

Since Aubrey wasn't feeling well, she took a LOONG nap (did I mention she naps again?  Almost everyday.  Hallelujah!) , so I got a chance to break out some Fall/Halloween decorations & go to town. I didn't use half of the decor that I usually do - I'm finding that my style & taste has changed quite a bit since when I first starting buying decorations about five years ago.  I think it's time to retire some decorations (and maybe buy some new? ;) )  Here are a few pictures of what I put up:

^ This has got to be my most favorite decoration of all - Aubrey's latest artwork. :)

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  1. I always love seeing your fall decorations! I only did a few this year also just because it's so crazy and we're in "setup for baby" mode - but I did sneak a few in around the house during that setup ;) Hope Aubrey is feeling better & I know what you mean - I love getting to "baby" gunner when he's not feeling well, and he actually will let me. So as hard as it is, it's the sweetest of times too<3