Sunday, October 6, 2013

NINE months of Kate Brielle!

This little lady turned nine months old yesterday..

This month our little Kate:

-started clapping!  She usually does it when music is on, but will always do it if you clap first.  I always thought little milestones like this wouldn't be as big of a deal with your second kid, but it's SO not true. It's just as exciting & even more fun because Aubrey loves to "celebrate" her little milestones too :)

-pretends to drink out of cups.  She makes a sluuurp noise when she holds any kind of cup & then looks at us & giggles because she knows we think it's hilarious.  

-eats everything we eat now!  It's nice to just give her whatever we're eating & cut it up now.  I still give her some pureed fruits & vegetables sometimes, but for the most part her diet goes something like this:

Breakfast - Fruit, yogurt, & pieces of a whole grain waffle
Lunch: Cheese quesadilla pieces & diced avocado
Dinner: (whatever we eat), last night we had turkey chili so she had ground turkey, mashed kidney beans, & some pureed pumpkin

-Calls me "Mamamamama."  Doesn't just blabber it randomly now.

-Still not awesome at sleeping.  As much as I can't wait for the day where I can say, "She sleeps all night!", I've pretty much accepted that I'll be getting up a couple times a night for a while.

-LOVES: sips of our water, music/dancing, when daddy comes home, climbing all over the couch, walks, her big sister, nursing, & being read to.

-HATES: diaper changes, getting on/off clothes, being set in her crib, if you walk out of the room without her, & getting her hair washed.

-wears size 3 diapers, just packed away all her summer clothes & stocked her dressers with 9-12 month fall/winter clothes!  I do not like the sound of "twelve month" at all. :(

-Mimics us when we give kisses.

Simply put, Kate is quickly growing out of the baby stage & will be walking & talking sooner than I will ever be ready for.  I sure love her sweet spirit & am proud to call her mine.


  1. Love these posts of yours. Kate is so cute :) My little boy was born March 5th so I love seeing what he will be up to in the next few months and what to expect. No sleep over here either. Glad you're keeping it realistic!

  2. THOSE EYES!! and love those two cute little teeth! and so much hair already! Oh man, I just broke out the 12month fall clothes too and it broke my heart. but don't worry mama you still got a few months before you have to think about it :) She is just the cutest thing! Love this blog - this is the funnest time where all the big changes start happening! My favorite age for sure :)