Friday, October 25, 2013

pumpkin carving.

We are NOT pumpkin carving people.  I am just not patient enough to sit for hours carving intricate designs on a pumpkin.  But this year, since we have a toddler we thought we'd give it a shot & she could "help."  Aubrey picked a really hard looking "Disney princess pumpkin carving kit".  I figured even if it didn't turn out perfect, we could just laugh about it later.  

It turns out, Steve is a closet master pumpkin carver and made a perfect Belle pumpkin for his little girl! Aubrey was in LOVE.  

Funny fact about Aubrey:  Girlfriend does NOT like getting messy.  She hates when she has anything on her hands, face, & freaks out if she gets something on her clothes. I'm constantly hearing, "Mama!  Oh no!  I need a WIIIIPE!" We thought she'd love pulling all the pumpkin guts out (seems like toddler heaven right?) but she was NOT into it.  She definitely gets this trait from Steve - he is a major clean freak.  I could roll around in mud like a pig & be slap happy.

 We gave her a scoop & she was much more into it. :)

I mean, it looks like Belle!?  Steve was SO proud. Haha!

Oh, & here are some pictures of Kate with her pumpkin.  She's cute. 

^ Sadly out of focus, but I love her little face & hand!

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