Thursday, November 28, 2013

happy thanksgiving.

I know I already did a "gratitude" post yesterday, but my heart is so incredibly full right now as I'm going through these pictures I took of my sweet daughters this morning.  I keep staring at their perfect little faces & thinking of their amazing, growing personalities.  I don't deserve these angels, but I sure am grateful that I've been entrusted with them. As hard & overwhelming as it can be at times, I couldn't think of a more honorable & important responsibility to have.

I'm thankful for their sisterhood.  Although sometimes they don't always get along, (sharing is sure hard when you're two!), in between the little "fights", there is pure magic between them.  Something so special that is amazing to witness each day.  I'm so thankful they have each other to lean on while growing up.  

My Kate.  I'm thankful she is so full of joy.  Sometimes I think I truly should have named her "Joy," because it sums up her personality so well.  Her zest for life & contagious smile make me so thrilled to be her mom.

I'm thankful for Aubrey.  My sassy, spitfire, yet somehow sweet as sugar Aubrey.  She is independent,  loving, caring, & beautiful.  Yep, she is going to do just fine in life.  I've learned so much from being her mom & adore all the time we spend together.  

I'm also incredibly grateful for marrying such a good man.  He loves all three of us girls & treats us like princesses.  I'm beyond thankful that his example is what my girls will have growing up of what a husband & father should be.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, & were able to spend some time with the people you love most!


  1. I love the top picture. As soon as I saw it on IG I wondered if you were going to use it for a Thanksgiving post. The girls are so gorgeous!

  2. What lens did you use for these? You're a fantastic photographer!

  3. These pictures... Just stunning. Your girls are so pretty they don't even look real! Lol such beauties<3

  4. PS you eventually should take your photography outside the studio, you're just as talented outdoors as you are with your indoor studio! Just a thought because I always obsess with your family photos outside :)