Friday, November 1, 2013

hocus pocus.

I'm confident that this past week has been the best week of Aubrey's life.  She loved each & every festive holiday activity we did & has been talking about Halloween non stop since.  

On Tuesday we had our annual "Trunk or Treat" at church - she LOVED going car to car getting candy for doing basically nothing.  She was also loving wearing her costume of course :)  

Wednesday at dance all the girls got to come in their costumes.  She was the only girl there NOT dressed as a Disney princess!  It was fun having her being something a little different for once since she is constantly wearing her princess dresses for "dress up time" at home.  She looked so cute in her little costume & she was in love with being a "gween cupcake!"

They were all so dang cute!

Halloween morning we went to story time at our local library with her little friend & it was all Halloween themed.  So, so cute!  She also got to wear her costume there. :)  I must say she DEFINITELY got use out of that thing!

Once we got home we put baby sister down for a nap & got ready for our party.  We made "spooky treats" as Aubrey called them (candy coated jumbo marshmallows decorated with sprinkles & candy eyeballs)  She LOVED helping me make them & it got her soo excited for the party.  After that she took a nap & I finished decorating.

Our party was a success & Aubrey had a blast going "real" trick or treating for the first time - we have more candy than I know what to do with & I'm trying not to get diabetes over here eating my weight in Snickers & Twix bars.  

Here's some pictures from Halloween night:

That's what I get for downloading printables online - the banner was missing a T! Trick or Trea! :)

Absolutely loved our costumes from EZ Orange Design!

Hope you all had a magical, safe Halloween!

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