Saturday, December 21, 2013

aubrey's first dance recital.

Aubrey had her first dance recital last Saturday.  Back when I first signed her up for dance, I didn't even know if she'd leave my side to go into the class.  She was in a really clingy stage so it could have gone either way.  She ended up LOVING it and looks forward to going each week.  Her teacher is amazing, she loves her little ballerina friends, & boy do I love watching her!  When I heard there was a dance recital, I remember thinking, NOO way is that girl going to get up on that stage, stand in a spot, & then dance?  She is two!  

This girl KILLED it!  I thought she'd probably go up there, look up at the audience and just kind of stand there.  Nope!  This girl (who was front and center) danced the entire time.  It was as if she had been dancing on stages forever or something.  She was a christmas tree in "The Grinch" and it was seriously the cutest thing I've seen in my life.  I had the biggest grin on my face the whole time & couldn't stop smiling the rest of the recital.  I just kept whispering to Steve, "She's doing so good!  She's so cute!  Oh my goodness!"   I was so so proud of my little dancer!  

Sadly they don't let you take pictures of them in their costume (they put the costumes on them behind the scenes so I didn't even see her in it except for when she danced) but I did take a few pictures of her before and after the recital in her pink leotard.  

I cannot WAIT to get our dvd of the show back!

She got to wear a little lipstick & blush so her face didn't get washed out on stage - she was so excited!  She keeps asking me if she can wear some of mommy's makeup again :/

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  1. Oh my gosh!!!! How fun! & she looks beautiful! What a proud mommy you must have been!