Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Festivities.

The last few days have been some of the best.  I truly believe that being a parent on Christmas trumps being a kid on Christmas.  Watching the joy on my girls' faces the past couple of days has given me this happiness and satisfaction that just can't be matched!  

On Christmas Eve we went to Steve's parents house as usual for appetizers, reading of the Christmas story, & exchanging gifts.  It was nice to take the time and focus on the birth of Christ before all the present madness began - Aubrey loved singing all the songs about "wittle baby Jesus".  The girls passed out right when we got home & Steve & I got to work!  I just love the anticipation that Christmas Eve brings - it was fun putting toys together with Steve & just imagining how much fun the girls would have in the morning.

Dressed as Princess Elsa from Frozen ;)

"Doc McAubrey"

Christmas morning our kids gave US a present by sleeping until 8.  Glorious!  We even woke up Aubrey because she was still passed out.  We got her up and took her to her bathroom to show her her first Christmas present - 3 tropical fish!  She was pretty amazed and loved feeding them.

Then we went downstairs and she was in awe by the scene of the tree filled with many presents underneath - and a mini roller coaster going through our living room!  She was excited to say the least.

Steve showing off his new Ray rays!

Can you tell we are in the Disney Princess stage?!  Princess EVERYTHING!  Don't worry - she also got a remote control helicopter, nerf gun, & roller coaster to keep her well rounded. ;)

In the afternoon we headed to Grammy & Papa's house for more fun..

Have I mentioned this little one has decided to walk all over the place now?  Nothing cuter than a tiny baby toddling around with chubby thighs :)

My girls!

Dancing with Papa... he used to dance with me like this all the time when I was little.  It warmed my heart to see him dancing with MY girls!

Our annual mistletoe picture...  we've come a long way since our first kiss under mistletoe!

We were having technical difficulties with the roof... so we made a gingerbread...hut?

Kate's first Christmas!

We hope your Christmas was special!


  1. Such cute pictures! Is it bad that I as a grown woman want that roller coaster ride ;) New reader excited to see more from you.

  2. The girls seriously manage to get more beautiful everyday Lisa! I cannot believe how much Kate has grown! What a busy year it's been for both of us and I love how you guys still manage to make Christmas so special. And I love that you guys got Aubrey fish!!so fun to wake up to! Glad you guys had a merry Christmas and love all the pictures as always!