Saturday, December 21, 2013

let it snow!

The other day we took a trip up to Soda Springs so our girls could experience snow.  Aubrey loved it, especially because it reminded her of the movie "Frozen" we recently saw.  She couldn't stop talking about Anna and Elsa, & we even got to build our own "Olaf" snowman. :)  They even had tubing for toddlers, which was a blast.  Such a great trip with our girls - love these Christmas memories we are making.


  1. How fun! :) And do they have matching red coats?! So cute! Where did you get those? I may have to get one for my daughter to wear next year. :)

    1. Kate's is from Babies R Us and Aubrey's from Target, but both over a year ago! Sorry!

  2. Oh my goodness!! That place looks amazing! I wanted to take the kids to the snow this year so bad and we didn't get a chance to go. Is this place far??

    I loveeeeee their red pea coats and that they got to go tubing and make snow angels. Such adorable pictures and memories!