Tuesday, January 21, 2014

castles & grape juice in napa.

Now that Steve is done with school, we are able to spend Mondays together as a family. (Yayyyy!)  Today we decided to spontaneously take a trip to Napa.  The last time we visited was when I was pregnant with Aubrey and we thought it would be fun to go there again and tour the Castello di Amorosa, with her OUTSIDE my belly. :)  She is deep into the princess/castle/etc. stage so we knew she'd love it.  It was also a gorgeous 74 degrees - we were hot in our long sleeves!

We first stopped at V. Sattui, a beautiful winery with an AMAZING italian deli.  We feasted on yummy sandwiches and whoopie pies - so delicious!  

Miss Judy Attitudey at her finest. ;)

Kate - always mooching off other people's food!

Dancing with her daddy..

If wine tastes like it smells... then I'm cool with never having any!

Kate decided to turn into a big girl overnight?!

Just trespassing..

Me and my MAN!

Isn't it gorgeous?  It was just built in 1993 but I like to pretend there was a king and queen with princesses that lived here... :)

My girls will always have countless pictures with their Papa... probably because they ALWAYS want to be held by him!

MY princess!

She was so happy!

Aubrey threw money into the wishing well while singing at the top of her lungs, "I'm WISHING!  I'M WISHING!  FOR THE ONE I LOOOOOOVE!!"

Bundle of joy & happiness, this one!

The best family picture we could muster up out of these kids..I'll take it!

The little priest..priestess?


Is anyone else's dad cool enough to wear a fanny pack?  Mine is.

During the "wine tasting".  I think we have a mini wino on our hands?!  Okay, so it was grape juice, but she was GULPING it down!

The funniest looking chicken I've ever seen...


  1. What a gorgeous place to visit!

  2. Funny we went there when Heidi was about Kate's age! It is beautiful!