Wednesday, January 1, 2014

new year's eve.

Our New Year's Eve was just about what you can expect with kiddos - some appetizers, games, & lights out at 8!  We stayed up later & played some games with my family but we still didn't quite make it until midnight - we are basically grandparents ;)

My camera didn't upload about half of the pictures I took last night for some reason but here are some (out of order) ones.

I forgot my ID before going to the store, so they wouldn't sell me poppers (tear), but i got a can of silly string to make up for it.  Kate was a little sensitive about it.

 We put Kate's hair in a little pony tail for the first time, & once we took it out it looked...pretty awesome!

Kate is such a chow hound - nonstop eating all the time!  Can't believe she will be one on SUNDAY. 
Obsessed with those little feetsies of hers!

 Only one pictures of all the food survived, but there was also nachos, little smokies, bacon cheese potato skins, & more.  We were stuffed!

2013 was one of our best years yet, mainly because of the birth of our second beautiful daughter, Kate Brielle.  I'm exited to see what 2014 brings us but I feel like this past one is pretty hard to top!  We are so thankful for all the blessings we have received and continue to receive each day.  Happy New Years to you all!

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