Sunday, January 5, 2014


My sweet baby Kate turns one year old today.  As much as I hate getting all emotional about my babies growing up, I just can't help but have a huge lump in my throat today.  I'm allowed to be sad, you know?  It's not that I'm not happy my precious girl is growing older, bigger, smarter, and so gosh darn beautiful - I know she is so ready for new milestones and experiences.  But I'm not ready.  I'm never ready for my babies to grow up.  It's hard - the hardest part of motherhood even.  But just as much as I hate it, I love it.  I love that she is healthy.  I love that she just started walking and is thrilled to explore places even quicker than before.  I love that she can feed herself & drink from sippy cups & bring us books to read to her.  I really do adore watching her grow up, as bittersweet as it is.

I most definitely sobbed the entire time I nursed her to sleep last night.  How are we already here?  Wasn't I just holding her as a newborn in this rocking chair, stroking her soft brown hair & obsessing over every perfect detail of her tiny body?  It was so hard setting her down, because I knew in the morning it meant she'd be one.  

And here it is.  You are one, Kate!  Today is all about you.  I can't help but smother you with kisses & just hope that you can feel how special this day is. You are the happiest, sweetest baby & for that I'm so grateful.  It has been such an honor and joy raising you this past year.  I love you so much!

Your mama.

Here is a video of pictures & video clips of her first year I've put together to be played at her party. 


  1. so adorable!! happy birthday to her! gorgeous photos.

  2. These photos are beyond beautiful, I absolutely love them! And I relate totally to what you mean about it being both the best and hardest part of motherhood. <3

  3. Ah! my baby is ten months old today and I'm not ready for his birthday coming up. Kate's eyes and teeth are adorable too btw!