Monday, February 3, 2014

aubrey's prayer.

I won't beat around the bush - church with kids is HARD.  Trying to be a Christlike example for your kids 24/7 is hard.  Remembering to say prayers, read scriptures, have family home evening, finding time to go to the temple, etc. etc. etc. is hard.  Sometimes we leave church and on the way home we kind of laugh and say, "I couldn't tell you one thing the speaker said today."  Sometimes we leave the church parking lot completely defeated, with cracker crumbs over our dress clothes, arms sore from picking up Kate multiple times, having to remind ourselves why it's so important.

Aubrey let us know the other day how VERY important it is, and how worth it it is. We were in the car on the way home from yet another frustrating day at church, and we asked her what she learned in nursery.  She told us they learned about saying prayers.  For some reason, whenever we tried to teach her to pray when we'd say our prayers before bed she didn't really have any interest in learning or trying. Well, shortly after her telling us what she learned, she went on to say the sweetest, most special prayer ever.  In the prayer she said she was thankful for each member in our family, and she asked for a blessing for our family to be safe & healthy.  It was so sweet and brought a tear to my eye.  She DOES listen.  She DOES get it.  Since then, she LOVES saying the prayer each night and does such a great job.

Although getting the kids ready for church is challenging, and keeping them entertained quietly in Sacrament is challenging, and getting everyone together at the end of the night to read scriptures is challenging, I have no doubt in my mind that we are creating habits and a lifestyle that will help shape our kids into Christ serving people.   Even though sometimes it doesn't feel like we are getting a ton out of church, or scripture reading, etc, I know we are being blessed for our efforts and that my kids are growing up having these things be a huge part of their lives.  Aubrey's prayer was a sweet reminder to me that we are doing okay.  We aren't perfect, and I beat myself up a lot about how dang UNperfect I am, but the harder I try to be more like Him, the more clear it is how making these choices truly blesses my family.

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  1. I tip my hat to you lady for being so passionate about instilling your beliefs to your children, and doing a great job at it as well! I think just the fact that you do those things daily, nightly and weekly - are enough to show them how important it is, and you are creating habits in their lives that they will continue onto their own families one day.

    I think, in general, even when things don't seem like they always get through to our little ones - I think they really do get it. While we are freaking out and dashing around like mad men to take care of all their need & messes - they are the ones that are sitting there and listening.

    Just doing those things makes you an amazing mom alone. You do them enough, they will get all the messages and beliefs that you are trying to instill in them. I'm sure of it :)

    Keep it up lady! You're very inspiring :)