Friday, February 21, 2014

disney on ice.

Last week, Steve & I took Aubrey on a little date to go see, "Disney on Ice".  I took her to the Disney store earlier that day to pick whatever dress she wanted and she chose the "Anna" dress, from Frozen.  She had the best time at the show and couldn't stop dancing, giggling, & clapping.  I could't help but keep glancing at her during the show.  I love seeing her in awe and just so happy.  "Mama, Ariel is waving at ME!!"  So dang sweet.  

Here are a few pictures I took of her before the show:

And one during the intermission:

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  1. what a fun day/date!! I used to love when my mom would surprise me with events like this and I always loveeeeed getting to pick out "one thing" from the store for the special occassion! What great & fun parents you guys are<3