Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Aubrey's Mermaid Party!

Aubrey has been talking about having a mermaid party for MONTHS.  So many mornings she would wake up and say, "Is today my mermaid party?"  She was thrilled to wake up Saturday morning and find out it was THE day!

I never thought I would be one to enjoy throwing cutesy little Pinteresty parties for my kids, (I'm not especially crafty or creative) but I truly enjoy planning everything out and then making the party come to life!  Here are some details of Aubrey's fun day:

For the invitations, I just downloaded a printable file & made them myself.  I had Aubrey's mermaid picture printed on the back.  Easy as pie!  (Who came up with that saying, pies aren't that easy to make?!)

Aubrey's little friends were greeted with this sign made by Aubrey's papa (my dad!).  It's nice to have one of those dads that can just make anything ;)

Once the guests walked in, they got to dress up as a mermaid with some goodies laid out for them. 

Darling mermaid tails made by my mama!  Love that she loves helping planning these parties with me.  Couldn't do them without her!

Starfish wands & sparkle necklaces from Etsy.  So cute!

We also had two little boys come so I made sure to grab some pirate goodies so they didn't feel left out!

Decorating the kid's eating table was so fun!  We rented a little table & kid sized chairs which worked perfectly.  

Milk jugs from Amazon, chargers from Dollar tree, sand & seashells from Hobby Lobby, & sea creature cut outs from Etsy.

Seashell Salad

Grape Seaweed Skewers

"Ocean water"

For food we tried to make everything "under the sea" themed.  Some of it was a stretch but it worked ;) We also had peanut butter and "jellyfish" sandwiches, "crabby" croissants, & I think that's it. 

For the dessert table, I kept it pretty simple for once, ha!  There were SOO many cute ideas on Pinterest so I had to refrain from doing too many, because let's face it - a whole army couldn't eat as many sweets as I have had before.  For the backdrop I just glued satin circles onto one of my photography backdrops.  I'm so mad you can see the pattern of the backdrop behind the circles, but oh well!

Sea Pearls..

Clam Cookies! So cute.

My mom made the adorable ombre fish scale cake.  It was tasty, too!

These pictures of the mermaid tail cake pops do not even do them justice.  They were so gorgeous!  They were so pretty I almost wanted to save them forever, but I ate them instead ;)  They are from this etsy shop. 

Above the dessert table was a fish net full of balloons!  

After eating, the kids got to paint and decorate their own treasure chest, and then played "Pin the Tail on the Mermaid."  Fun!

Favor boxes from Party City, starfish, seashells, jewels & treasure chest from Hobby Lobby.  

Aubrey LOVED being sung "Happy Birthday" to.  It's her very favorite part of every birthday party. 

Aubrey had such a blast at her party & kept saying, "I'm so excited" the whole time.  She is one special little girl & I'm so thankful & honored to be her mom.


  1. How amazing! I'm 40 years old and I'd love a mermaid party!

  2. You always have the cutest parties for your girls! Love all the details. Makes me excited to put together the party for my little guy's birthday in a few months!

  3. I love how you didn't make the mermaid theme around the popular Little mermaid movie. Gorgeous party!
    Check my new blog out :)

  4. So stinkin cute!!! You did a fabulous job :):)

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  6. OMG! That was so cute! My little sister used to love mermaid themed stuff when she was about that age! As they grow so fast we *must* trow parties like this and try to make each moment special! Absolutely loved it!
    It was my first time visiting the blog, and I must say I will be back always!
    Here's mine in case you'd like to visit!

  7. So cute!!! Did you homemake the "seashell salad" ? It looks delicious and I am always on the lookout for new mac n cheese recipes if you would share! :)

  8. WOW! Looks like a great party! My girls would have love something like that, too bad this Momma isn't that creative.