Tuesday, March 4, 2014

happy third birthday to my aubrey girl.

Happy birthday to my beautiful THREE year old girl.  

I love her at this age.  She says I am her best friend every single day.  She asks to snuggle every night.  She loves sitting on our laps to read books, and loves playing games with us.  She insists we hold hands. I know a couple years from now, maybe even less, it won't be like this.  So I'm enjoying her so much right now.  She is so incredibly sweet.  And hilarious.  And smart.  And so gosh dang cute!  She is also independent, strong willed, & intelligent.  She makes me so proud and I'm so grateful for her in my life.  

Love you, Aubrey Jane.

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  1. She is absolutely GORGEOUS! I can't even believe she's three now! I feel like I've watched her grow up right in front of my own eyes through your pages and she seems like such a sweet, loving & FUN little girl! & Obviously gets more beautiful every day! Such a little princess<3 And three sounds like such a fun age! I can't wait! :)