Thursday, March 20, 2014

southern ca, part II

This was the first time we went to Disneyland by ourselves, with no other family around, just the four of us.  It's always nice to have family come, for the company AND the help, but this time was really exciting to really get to spend every single moment with our kiddos and seeing their eyes light up on each and every ride.  

We only spent a quick day and a half at the park, but we got to do a ton and had the best time.  Kate just kind of looks around and says "Oooh" and giggles at everything while sitting on our lap, and Aubrey obviously ADORES the place.  She loves to hold our hands on the "scawee" rides and says, "I'm so excited!  Are you so excited?!"  She is the sweetest!

Watching her face meeting the princesses is so sweet to watch.  In line, people kept saying, "Hi Princess Anna!" to her and she just smiled so big.  She would whisper to me, "They think I'm Anna"!

She held onto this map the whole day and would "navigate" us. ;)

Kate is so sweet, even when she's a sleepy little thing.  Angel! 

 Sister hugs!

And kisses..

We went to "Ariel's Grotto" in California Adventure for the first time (basically a restaurant where a bunch of the princesses come and visit each table) and Aubrey was in awe.  

Belle asked Aubrey who her favorite princess was and she named about every princess you could think of...except for Belle.  Haha!  Sorry Belle, you didn't make the cut!  


  1. Disney is just the best with kids. We took Cruze when he was a year and although I think he'll enjoy it much more now, this mama was just so excited to be there with him. Great pictures. Your girls are just so cute.

  2. So so sweet! Love all the sister pictures, they are seriously the cutest little duo EVER & so stylish! & I totally get what you're saying about it being nice just to go you four, I always have family with us also to share the experience and a LOT for the help of them also - but it is really nice when you can just go on your own and have that quality time together. Definitely a whole different experience. So glad you guys had such a great time! Great pics as always!! <3 I can't wait to take our little ones there one day (I need to get more brave before tacklin that task! LOL!) You guys have mastered disney with two little ones! I love it! Great job mama !