Thursday, March 20, 2014

southern ca.

We decided to put our season passes to good use and take a quick trip to Disneyland this weekend.  We first stopped by the beach the evening we got to Southern California.  We had a wonderful time soaking up the sun & just enjoyed being together!


  1. Adorable!! The girls are getting so big! Mine are 21 months apart, too and while it is crazy I absolutely love it! Btw, where did you get your bathing suit? It's super cute!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I got it from Etsy a little over a year ago. Yes - that age gap is the best! I'm ready for a break though :) haha!

  2. 1. You guys always have the CUTEST bathing suits - all 3 of you!
    2. These are all such beautiful pictures and fun moments you captured!
    3. Kate is looking WAY too old these days, and all those teeth!? I can't even believe it!
    4. So glad you guys got a fun day together in the sun - looks like it was the perfect afternoon<3