Friday, April 11, 2014

San Francisco Birthday Getaway.

Back in January I bought Steve opening day tickets to the Giants game, and the game happened to fall on my birthday (April 8)  so we decided to make a little trip out of it.  This was the first time we left both the girls overnight so I was a little nervous/anxious about it, but they were left in good hands (thank heavens for willing grandparents) & they had a blast.  I'm pretty sure we missed them a LOT more than they missed us!  

I got Steve this pink/white striped shirt to wear for the trip and he didn't even make me take it back! Score.  He insists it is "light red."  I love it on him :)

The first thing we did was visit Baker's Beach.  (Didn't bring the camera so sorry for all the grainy Iphone pics!)

So we laid on a blanket on the beach and just enjoyed each other and the beautiful weather and then decided to go on a walk.  We are walking towards the north end of the beach closer to the Golden Gate Bridge and I see this naked guy sunbathing on a towel!  Steve swore he was wearing a beige speedo, so we kept walking, and we saw another naked guy running towards the water.  Before we know it, our eyes have been BURNED forever with the sight of all these naked sixty year old men so we high tail it out of there.  We had no idea this was a CLOTHING OPTIONAL beach!  So romantic.  

After that lovely experience, we decide to hit up Pier 39 for some bread bowls at Chowders.  So delicious!  It made me almost forget about those old men..

After walking around the pier, we went to an AMAZING mall with every store you could ever think of.  We randomly went to Sprint and found out we could upgrade both of our phones, and I ended up getting this darling phone case from Kate Spade.  I have a strong love of gold polka dots!

Did I mention the mall was amazing...

After lots of shopping and wandering around we ate a delicious dinner at Lark Creek & saw the movie, "Divergent."  I honestly didn't think I'd like the movie but it was SO. GOOD.  As good as Hunger Games in my opinion for sure.  A must see!

After the movie we went back to the hotel and we SLEPT IN until 8:00.  Anyone with kids knows how rare that is.  I'll admit I kinda missed having Aubrey come hop in our bed to snuggle with us in the morning.  

The next day we went to breakfast & then went to the Giants game.  It was SUPER crowded but such a fun atmosphere.  

We left the game a little early to beat traffic and to be able to see our girls before they went to bed!  I was SO excited to get back to them & kiss their cute faces.  

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