Thursday, May 8, 2014

here comes the bride.

While organizing my closet, Aubrey was looking through all my old prom/homecoming dresses, and came across my wedding dress. (I should really preserve it or something!) She has been really interested lately in all things about getting "mawwied" or being a "bwide."  (Sorry, I love her toddler talk.  We are working on those R's..)  She told me she wanted to wear it so I let her put it on and she immediately beamed with joy.  "I'm a bride!"  "Where's my prince?"  "I'm gonna marry Daddy!  And Papa!"  I snapped some pictures of her as she danced away and looked at herself in the mirror.  I could just tell that she felt so beautiful even though it was huge on her.  

I got a little teary going through these photos and imagining her on her special day in the future.  I know that time will come far before I'm ready.  (Kind of hoping she holds out longer than 19 like her mom! ha!)  

I tried to get a few of Kate wearing it too, but let's just say she was NOT having any of that!

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  1. Those will be so cute to share on her wedding day!