Monday, June 2, 2014


It's funny to think I used to keep up with this blog so well, I would cringe if I didn't have a post up every day of the week!  Needless to say, this blog has become much more of a family update/picture blog, and I'm pretty sure only a handful of people read it, BUT I'm still motivated to not leave it sit for too long.  I don't want to become a once a month poster, because I know that will end up being once every few months, and then probably not at all!  I enjoy reading back on posts so much, so here is an update for you all.  (Like, all two of you.)

I've been researching preschools for Aubrey & it makes me so anxious.  No matter how perfect a school seems, I keep on picking a part every detail and find something about it that just doesn't seem quite good enough.  I think it's more me just not wanting to let go.  I was even considering homeschool for a while!  Seriously.  However, the more I think & pray about it, the more I feel confident in her starting school someday.  She is bright, friendly, & loves to do the right thing.  It also helps that the schools around here are AMAZING and have such great ratings & I always hear nothing but great things.  We are still keeping our options open, but the more that time passes by, the more at ease I feel about her taking her first step into education!  (I know, I need to get a grip.  It's 2 days a week for a whopping 3 hours.) 

Aubrey is still taking dance and is loving every second.  She has her second recital the end of June & I am so excited to watch her.  I accidentally waited until the last minute to buy tickets and thankfully there were JUST enough left for Steve & I & both of our parents to go to it.  I literally bought out the rest of the tickets for the show!  We all have to sit in separate rows & areas, but I don't care because I still get to watch my girl dance her little heart out up there!

Kate is growing so fast & is so darned cute.  She is mischievous, loves to cause trouble, & is still a total daredevil.  I can only imagine how it would be if I had a boy!  The other evening, SOMEHOW Kate was playing with Steve's parents' home phone & she called the cops, who came to the door soon after!  Oops!   I make VERY active babies that give me a run for my money, but they still are the sweetest things ever.  Kate is a huge mama's girl & constantly cries for me.  Aubrey NEVER went through this until she was about 2.5 (and still going strong, another story for another day!) so it's interesting to see how different kiddos can be.  It's okay with me though, heaven knows I love the mama clingy stage. 

I'm still loving taking pictures & have been so lucky to have so many parents bring their cute babies to me.  I know that with the more busy I get with life & the more kids I have (I hope someday!), I may not get to do this as much so I'm enjoying it while I can.  It has been such a blessing in my life to be able to do this out of my home and have my girls playing downstairs with an aunt or a grandma.  Aubrey loves when she sees a baby is coming over and immediately asks what their name is.  A few times she has even been able to come upstairs and help me get the babies to smile by playing "Peek a Boo" - nails it every time!  

I recently got a new calling at church to serve the Young Women in the ward as secretary.  I'm loving it so far!  Steve is still the ward mission leader which keeps him busy.  Kate is almost old enough to be in nursery and there will be no more chasing in halls!  Weird to think about - it's been a while since we have been "free" at church!  These are the type of realizations that give me baby fever!!

I recently made a goal to go back & print ALL of our pictures.  Back from before we were married, up until now.  I'm so excited to finally have a hard copy of all the thousands of pictures we've taken over the years.  What good are they all sitting on a hard drive anyways?!  It's going to cost a pretty penny, but I can't think of many more things I could treasure more than memories on paper.  I don't scrapbook or anything, so I will just put them in several organized binders with plastic protector sheets.  So excited to finally do this & not be so behind anymore.

Life is good.  Busy, but good.  Steve's work is CRAZY busy this time of year, so we miss him a lot but  we are so grateful that he works as hard as he does for us.  I hope I keep up with this blog a little better although our days look the same a lot of the time, so there's not a ton to update. 

And because it would feel way too weird to click, "Publish" with no picture, here is one:


  1. Such sweeties! I am still hanging out reading, though I don't comment much (with three littles I usually barely have time to read). I'm local to you so I love reading posts about your outings (gives me ideas of things to do with my family). Keep the posts coming!

  2. Another reader hanging out! It's always fun to see a post pop up by your blog name. I found this blog when Aubrey was super little and I had no babies of my own... Now it's an excellent reminder of how fast my little girl will grow up!!! Thanks for keeping us updated. :)

  3. I'm still reading :) It's thanks to you that I started my blog and now I will have a lovely thing to look back at and remember our lives together - I'm very thankful to you for that! xxx

  4. I'm here! :) You know what I love even more than hard printing ever photo? I love making Shutterfly books. Granted, I don't get to use all the photos I take, but I get to put my favorites into pretty books. :)

  5. still a reader :) love seeing your sweet family!

  6. I've been reading your blog for several years. I have a son Aubrey's age and I relate to the stages she is going through. I absolutely love your blog. Thank you for continuing to share your life.

  7. I'm still reading too! Although I admit, I don't check in as often as I used to, only because life has been so busy with our just turned 3 yr old and our month old. But, when I get a chance to myself, I always 'check in'!

    I completely feel the same way about the preschool situation. We've been back and forth with, 'should we home school or put her in public school'. I too have been praying about it but am still undecided! We most likely will skip preschool...making sure she's learning a lot at home, playing, crafting, etc...and then enroll her next year for pre-k. She has expressed time and time again how she 'learns enough and plays enough at home'. Lol!!! We'll see...

    Good luck with your decision!

  8. I meant 3 year old and our **5 month old. ;)

  9. I love this blog!! I rarely get to blog either these days but I make a goal to come on for the "monthly" posts at LEAST. But it secretly made me happy to see that you are struggling w/ the blogs also because you have one FULL PLATE for yourself and make it look so easy, so this makes me relieved I'm not the only one who feels bad about the blog falling on back-burner sometimes!

    I love all these updates of your girls. They are getting so big! Preshool?! Dance recitals!? Kate running around?! It's so fun reaading your blogs and seeing how in just a few short years they have changed from diapers & monthly posts to full blown MOM LIFE. You are so great at it Lisa!

    I am also so happy for your growing & CRAZY successful photography business. How you manage it all I do NOT know, but you really are so talented and I love that you get to pursue your dreams and stay and care for your babies!

    And the photos - YES that is my goal one day too! I don't scrapbook anymore so one day I hope to do that same exact thing and just have nicely organized and matching photo albums. I swear if I could pay someone to do it for me, I would! So great job on that too!!

    And of course, your girls are ADORABLE! You give me so much to look forward to when my little ones get bigger and into fun adventures like yours! And don't worry, mine give me a RUN for my money also! I swear you'd think I drank 19402029 cups of coffee while carrying them! LOL!