Tuesday, July 8, 2014

eighteen months.

My baby girl turned a year and a half over the weekend!  

So much to say about this little lady.  

First and foremost - she has started talking SO MUCH!  Every day she says a new word it seems.  My absolute favorites that come out of her sweet mouth: "Luh you!"  & "Hello!"  She pronounces it like "Heh-whoa!"  

She just moved up to a big girl car seat (rear facing) & loves riding in style.

She wears 12-18 month clothes but I just recently started unpacking Aubrey's old 18-24 month clothes. Too bad it's Summer and all of Aubrey's old stuff is sweaters & pants!  (Bummer, I guess I HAVE to go shopping ;) )

She goes to nursery each week now and besides a bit of crying when we drop her off, she does great!  Definitely feels weird not having a baby to chase during the last two hours of church...  

Her hair is getting longer & fuller, and she's starting to look a lot more like Aubrey to me now.  For the longest time I thought they looked nothing alike!  Their hair is also the exact same color.  

We stopped nursing a couple months ago, while she was around 16.5 months.  I thought it would be super emotional for me, but thankfully it wasn't.  It was a super slow process, & we were both ready.  I'm proud of both of us!

She LOVES babies.  She also loves to go touch babies, which is a problem sometimes :)

When we go to get her out of bed in the morning, she freaks out with excitement & starts rolling from side to side super fast.  It's hilarious to watch!  I really need to video tape it soon.

Kate is training to be UFC fighter.  She will go and pull Aubrey's hair, push her, etc. all with this huge smile on her face.  She loves Aubrey to death...a little too much sometimes!  Aubrey never went through this "violent" phase so this is new to me.  

No more high chair, bottles, bibs, etc. etc. etc!  It's really hit me lately that there are zero babies in this house.  Sometimes it feels overwhelming thinking about starting all over again with a new baby someday.  I can see why a lot of people stop at two!  Both girls sleep through the night, can entertain themselves, can feed themselves, etc.  so it's hard to imagine doing the whole newborn thing all over again.  With that being said, I absolutely do not feel "done" whatsoever & look forward to meeting my future babies someday!  But right now, I'm just enjoying my two toddlers.  :)  

I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton more to update about my Kitty-Kate, but this will do for now!  I love that sweet angel more than words can describe & thank the Lord every single day that I get to be her mama.  


  1. First off, these pictures! She is GORGEOUS! I swear you have the most beautiful little girls lady, they are both so joyous and always smiling - it's so sweet.

    Second off, I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD really loud at your UFC comment! Gunner has started that and it's INSANE. He'll go from "didter niceeee" and hugging her, to five seconds later pushing her over and yelling "uh oh byeeee" and running off! It's crazy! LOL!

    And yes, as much as I am enjoy this phase - I am also looking forward to two toddlers also for just those little changes in independence and talking. I love the talking so much I already can't wait for Kenzie to start. SHE is feisty though and beats up her brother already so I may have two little UFC fighters on my hand! LOL!

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