Saturday, July 5, 2014

happy independence day!

This might have been my favorite fourth of july to date.  I loved having two TODDLERS this year.  They had nonstop fun the whole day and there's nothing that makes me happier than watching them be kids.  

We started the morning off by grabbing some festive donuts.  I didn't have time to buy fourth of july outfits this year (and I always have a hard time buying an outfit that will literally only be worn once!) so I threw together these little sorta-festive outfits the last minute.  I thought they looked pretty dang cute!

After donuts, we drove to our city's parade, which was awesome.  The girls just sat there in awe and waved their flags.  It was their first parade & CERTAINLY not their last!  

After the parade there was a carnival at a park nearby that we stopped at.  We didn't last long because Kate needed to nap, but Aubrey had some fun at her first time in a bounce house!

After nap time, we headed over to Grammy & Papa's house for a swim & tasty BBQ!  Their cousins were in town this weekend so they had a blast!!  

We ended our night with fireworks and root beer floats (duh!)  & drove home with two sleeping American beauties in the back of our car.  

I absolutely love this country & proud to raise my girls in it.  Happy Birthday, America!!


  1. Such sweet pictures!!! I need to find a big parade like that with events afterwards, that looked so awesome for the girls! They are always hugging and loving on each other or their cousins, it's so sweet!

  2. Oh and their outfits - were A-DORABLE! I thought they were picked up for the occassion, so great job mama! And their picture together watching the parade, ugh - so sweet!!