Thursday, August 28, 2014


We put our season passes to good use again and visited Disneyland with my family this past week.  I have to say this might have been our favorite trip there yet.  With shoes and standing REALLY straight/tall, Aubrey barely skimmed the 40 inch line so she was able to ride a whole new list of rides: Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, the new Cars Ride, & Thunder Mountain!  Surprisingly she wasn't scared one bit on any of these and even put her arms in the air screaming "Woohooooo!" on most. :)  I was a bit worried taking Kate because she is at a hard age to take places right now, but she did awesome.  She enjoyed all the kiddie rides and took naps on Grammy & me. 

We always take a trip to the beach on our first day in Los Angeles.  So fun!

Kate always feels so safe with Daddy.

We brought along my little nephew, Caleb.  Aubrey loved having a sorta-similar aged kiddo around!

Pretty much sums up Aubrey.. 

Look who is now a total beach baby!

She jumped over and over again into this sand hole, laughing so hard.  Love her!

My disney lovin' man!  

Just totally failing at the whole "Dirty Dancing" move :)

The morning of our first day... they were soooo excited!!

Yep, we're that family!

 Aubrey loves all the characters now, but Kate is terrified.  She wouldn't go near any!  Why is it so funny when they are so traumatized by their favorite characters?

Grammy & Papa :)

My happy place :)

Second day: Belle & Minnie!  

I could just eat them.

We took Aubrey to the "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique" where they transform little girls into princesses.  (More like take your money & then put their hair in a way too tight slick bun and throw a handful of glitter over them.  But hey, she felt special & beautiful!)  

After her "appointment", she kept saying she wanted to show her prince.  So sweet!

Of course she had to go see her favorite princesses of the week after all the gussying up..

We had some great family time before the Summer ends...although let's face it, it's Summer until October here in Sacramento!  


  1. You're so lucky that you live so close to Disneyland! Looks like so much fun! But Aubrey's hair looks painful. Haha.

  2. Love your swimsuit where did you get it?!?

  3. These photos are GORGEOUS! I dont know how you have any room left on your walls because you always take the most perfect photos! The one of you walking w/ both girls in their princess dresses - beautiful! The one of you four in your disney outfits - perfection! NOT to mention how completely amazing the girls matching outfits are!

    And Kate's smiles always make me smile! So so sweet!