Monday, August 11, 2014

Maui Trip!

We have toyed with the idea of going on a kidless trip forever, & we finally just DID IT!  We all survived & to be honest... I look forward to the next one :)  And that is coming from an overly attached mama that cried at her first hair appointment away from her baby.

We decided to go to Maui this time, since we had never been there before and heard so many wonderful things about it.  The kids stayed with my mom, and they had the week of their lives!  Pretty sure they didn't miss us at all.  

I'll try to caption everything in order:

Our first stop after leaving the airport in our rental car we stopped at this Shrimp truck.  Hawaii has the most amazing food ever and these shrimp did not disappoint!!  

Next we stopped at the first beach we saw - we just had to!

First sunset on the island... always so beautiful. (View from our balcony)

The second day was our six year anniversary and Steve had booked us a spa day at one of the nicest resorts on Maui - Grand Wailea Resort.  It was so beautiful outside, & even more gorgeous inside the spa area.  Our couples massage was SOO fabulous, & I didn't laugh this time :) 

After our massage we went to the beach outside the resort.  I definitely make Steve ask strangers to take our picture. :) Good man!

We upgraded our rental to a Jeep...who doesn't want to drive a Jeep while on vacation?

For our anniversary dinner we went to Leilani's on the Beach.  SUCH good food.  

On the way back to the condo we stopped at a lookout and watched the sun go down.  So beautiful!

The next morning, we got up super early to watch the sun rise above the clouds.  We drove up a mountain 10,000 feet up to watch it.  SCARY drive in the dark, & freezing outside, but well worth the gorgeous view.  It was definitely something I won't forget.  

The next morning we stopped at a cute little Hawaiian farmer's market and I got to take home a pineapple.  It was SOO delicious!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at Makena Cove.  Side note: Steve lost 30 pounds before this trip...he looks uhhhmazing!  Eating right and exercising every day DOES work!

The next morning we did a Hawaii must: ate banana macadamia nut pancakes - yum!

We went to old town Lahaina after breakfast...old little Hawaiian town with little shops on the ocean.. 

Later we visited Iao State Park - so green & gorgeous!

Probably Steve's favorite part of the trip!  Golfing on the ocean.  

Being cheesy at sunset... Love this man!  It was so incredibly nice to spend an entire week with each other with zero distractions.  

The next day we drove up the Road to Hana...a beautiful scenic drive with lots of stops a long the way.

We ate the most amazing banana nut bread & pineapple.  I gained five pounds this trip and I couldn't care less!  Worth every bite.

 Purdy waterfall.

A Hawaiian king allegedly brutally murdered his wife in this cave...Steve asked to take a picture in it! Haha!  Weirdo.

My favorite stop - the Black Sand Beach!  So so cool.  

In the middle of the week we found out a hurricane was possibly going to hit Maui on the day we were due to leave the island.  I kinda freaked out and immediately called to get our flight moved up a day because I was terrified our flight would get delayed a couple days.  It was SUCH  blessing there were two seats left so we got to go home a day early.  Our original flight did end up being delayed and we probably wouldn't have been able to go home to see the girls until a day or so later.  At this point I was REALLY REALLY ready to see them (I cried in three different public places throughout the week because I was missing them so much) so I was sooo grateful they had room on the plane.  Plus I was scared of the hurricane!  Our condo was right on the ocean - not exactly where you want to be when a hurricane hits.  Since this ended up being our last day, we just rented a cabana and relaxed on the beach!

Ate at our favorite restaurant...

had our beloved Hula Pie one last time..

and watched the gorgeous sun set on our last night on Maui.  

Tan, well rested, & as anxious as ever to see our sweet girlies!  We were beyond ready to squeeze them!

Reunited and it felt SO GOOD!  


  1. Looks like you had a great time!!! So glad that you updated your blog. I love to read your posts. I loved all your outfits from your trip and Maui looks beautiful!!! Why don't u do a fashion and makeup post or blogs???

  2. This is shweta from India i have no clue why my name is being published as smolder

  3. Looks like you had fun! :) I love your floral swimsuit!! So cute!! :)

  4. Looks like a wonderful trip. I'd also love to know where you got your clothes (the floral dinner dress in particular).

  5. GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I can't even take how incredibly beautiful everything is there. And I can't even lie, after seeing your posts on IG and now this blog - I totally have talked Rick into a trip to Maui next year for his 30th bday/our anniversary. So THANK YOU for the inspiration and the reassurance that I will not (hopefully) have a total meltdown of epic proportion leaving the kids behind for a few days. This is definitely inspiring. Beautiful photos lady, of everything and you and the hubby. Definitely looked like a memorable trip! <3