Monday, August 11, 2014

So, I almost shut my blog down.

The past few months I've been going back and forth with shutting the blog down, simply because I'm less and less motivated to post.  A ton of my family and friends used to blog all the time, which is why I got into it a few years back.  Almost all of them (the ones I know in real life anyways) have stopped, probably because life gets so busy, and let's face it - people don't really blog much to update people on their lives anymore because of things like Instagram that do the job much easier.  

Fast forward to last night, I came across my first blog book that Steve had printed for me as a gift, (I probably hadn't looked at it since I opened it Christmas morning a few years ago honestly), and I read the words that I wrote as a 21 year old brand new mom.  I read as I struggled with the adjustment to becoming a mom, absolutely confused with motherhood yet so in love with my new baby.  I read about my complete excitement and joy that I was able to be a housewife & stay at home mom.  Not only was it so, so nice to read back on things I would have otherwise forgotten, it was amazing to see how much I have changed in these past 3.5 years.  The difference between 21 & 25 is incredible!  (Quite humbling to read too... I have said some silly things here at times!) In summary, I immediately changed my thoughts on shutting my blog down, and was inspired to keep up with it.  In the future I do plan on making it private as the kids get older, but for now I will just be trying to do basic updates: Milestone ages, trips/other important events,  & maybe some random thoughts here & there.

Thanks for still reading, if you still do, & for all your sweet comments & love that I've gotten here through the years.  Thanks for putting up with my consistent inconsistency!  


  1. That's wonderful, I do love reading your blog.

  2. You don't know me personally but I love reading your blogs. BUT I can totally relate with not really wanting to continue to blog. It happened to me lol just thought to let you know you at least have one person still enjoying your fun blog ;)

  3. I'm glad you stayed! I totally know what you mean about looking back on what you wrote or remembered about the girls. It's nice (and sometimes just funny) to look back on what you wrote!

  4. I'm glad you decided to keep your blog! I find it hard to post a lot of the time but I do it mostly for the same reason. I love being able to look back and see what was going on 2 or 3 years ago with more detail than I would post on Instagram or Facebook. Your blog is still one of my favorites!

  5. So glad you kept your blog! I have also thought about doing the same thing just because my blogs are always so late and few & far between - but then I do love going back and reading those few first "pregancy blogs" or the kids first few months. The other day I couldn't remember when Gunner started walking so I pulled up my blog and sifted through the posts to find which month it happened in. That's when I realized the importance of blogging and keeping it alive, even if it just once a month or just for milestones or events.

    And I must admit, I LOVE coming on here and seeing your blogs. I always catch up on yours before I catch up on my own. Keep blogging - I am sure our kids will appreciate it one day also! As tedious as it can be at times to make the time to do it, I know we'll all enjoy it later on in life. :)

  6. I'm so happy you keep your blog ! I read you every week from France and it's such a pleasure to see your pictures and read your comments! I'm also a big fan of photography and yours are wonderful :)
    Since my gap year in Miami and NYC, USA way of life miss me so much and reading your blog warms my heart
    Hope one day I could have a sweet family like yours! xoxo