Sunday, September 14, 2014

20 Months & 3.5 Years

I took some pictures of the girls the other night, & while uploading them to my computer, I remembered they are quite overdue for an update on the blog!  I actually got these dresses for them back in March for some Spring family pictures, & after having to reschedule our family pictures about a dozen times (no lie!) due to weather, sickness, and every other reason you could possibly think of, I decided I better just snap a few in them before the dresses don't fit anymore! 

^The only way I can get a picture of them together is holding hands and running towards me.  Taking pictures of your own kids individually is already SUPER hard, but getting a shot of them both together, smiling, etc?  Near impossible!  I adore this shot of them - they are such cute little friends.

It is so hard for me to believe this little one is TWENTY months old this month.  Since I like lists, I'll just do updates in bullet form:

- Active, sweet, stubborn, & mischievous best describe Kate right now.  

-She calls Aubrey "Au-Jee" & Aubrey corrects her every single time. "It's AU-BREE, Katester!  Not Au-Jee!"

-Every night, she asks for a "shong".  Her favorites include John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (who the heck knows how to spell that?!), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, & anything from Frozen of course.  She sings right along in the car and knows a ton of the words!  

-Kate HAS to have two of everything.  Two books at bedtime, a snack in each hand, if I hand her a cheese stick she MUST have me break it into two pieces.  Such a silly quirk!

-Starting to memorize some of her letters, colors, etc.  

-Whenever she wants us to pick her up, she says, "Nonny nonny!"  I have no idea she gets "Nonny" out of "carry me" but we think it's pretty cute.

-LOVES Bubble Guppies & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  She gets bored after about five minutes of tv, but loves when the opening songs come on.

-She brings me books all day long to read to her.  If I'm not reading to her, she's sitting there reading them by herself.  She is a huge book worm!

-Takes an awesome nap every day.  It usually lasts around 2.5-3 hours.  She also goes to bed at 7:00 every night.  

-Loves nursery, except for when we leave at the beginning.  

-Loves her baby doll, named Leo.  She calls her/him "Yo!"  I almost want to name our next baby Leo if it's a boy just so I can hear her call him that all the time in her cute voice!

-Still in the hard-to-take-anywhere stage.  She makes grocery trips, church, etc. very interesting!  

-Coming out of her shell more & is very friendly.  Loves saying "Hiyee" to everyone she sees.  She gets THRILLED whenever she sees a baby.  "Deedee!"

My big girl.  Three and a half!  

- Aubrey is at such a fun age.  Everyone warned me that 3 is much worse than 2, but I disagree completely, at least in our experience!  3 is definitely easier and less frustrating than 2 was for us :)  

-Aubrey loves playing games, with her Disney princesses (yes, still deep in that stage), walks/the park, dancing, & playing with her friends. 

-We decided to forego preschool this year and just do our own thing at home.  She LOVES when we do "school time" & begs to do it every day.  (But for my own sanity, we do it twice a week).  We work on hand writing, letter sounds, counting, patterns, & all sorts of other fun stuff.  It's pretty fun playing teacher a couple times a week. :)

-She is starting ballet/tap tomorrow for her second year and is so, so excited to see her dance friends again!

-The girl is a drama. queen.   Whenever Kate won't share with her or something, she'll pout and say, "Kate doesn't want to be my sister anymore!" Also, if someone accidentally hurts her, she'll say, "You KILLED me!" 

-She definitely keeps us laughing all day long.  I wish she had a voice recorder strapped to her all day so I can remember all the hilarious things she says!  Yesterday, she patted my rear end and said, "Mama, you have chubby buns."  

-She melts my heart and can be the sweetest thing.  Sometimes she will just say she wants to "snuggle and talk" and we do just that!  I hope she still wants to snuggle and talk when she's a teenager :(

-When it's time to go to bed at night, she'll talk our ear off and be especially funny so she can stay up later.  Sometimes she'll say, "But I just want to hang out with you guys!"  Some nights she comes down about three times for all sorts of reasons - "There's monsters!"  "I need a flash light!" "I just need to hang out!"

I know I've said it time and time again, but I'm so ridiculously in love with these little girls of mine!  I love each of their unique personalities.  I'm so thankful for them both and their own special gifts & how loved they make me feel every day.  I am thrilled every day waking up and getting to spend my days with them.  They challenge me, they make me laugh, and are just more amazing than I could have ever dreamed.   I can't wait to see how they change and grow in the following months!


  1. Very sweet. I also am foregoing preschool with my 3.5 year old. We do preschool at home as well.

  2. Such amazing pictures! I am almost tempted to fly you down to India to click my family! Thank you for sharing these pictures and such wonderful titbits with her.

  3. Heidi is a drama queen too. The other day she bit indie because indie didn't want to be hugged. I heard Indie crying so I asked Heidi what happened and she said "I bit Indie because she doesn't love me.. I tried to hug her but she wouldn't let me because she doesn't love me!!" and then she started to cry "Why doesn't Indie love me??".. It was so hard not to laugh!