Wednesday, October 22, 2014

apple hill.

Another year, another Apple Hill trip!  It feels like I was just posting about our trip last year - Kate was just a baby!  Now she was running all around keeping up with her cousins.  This year we went with my parents, brothers, sister in law, and their kids.  Our group is growing bigger a little each year!

The girls.. (Aubrey is obsessed with her cousin Gracie)

Can you tell Papa is everyone's favorite?

After waiting in a REALLY long line to get face paint.  Aubrey got a "witch", her latest obsession.  (Her and Kate are going to be the Sanderson sisters for Halloween)  Kate was jealous and kept pointing to her own cheek and saying, "Halloween?"  Sorry Kate - but you would have cried the second a stranger came that close to you, let alone let them paint your face!

And the reason Mama comes to Apple Hill..


  1. so cute!! great photos.

  2. Kate's sweater is to die for!!! I need a little girl next to dress in all these cute sweaters during the fall and winter!!