Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm.

Third post in a day, what?!  We always do lots of stuff in the Fall so there's always plenty to blog about.  Last night we visited Bishop's - more pumpkiny, Fall-y goodness!  (I'm as basic as they come, I know.)  

When did my babies become little girls?  Seriously.

Aubrey is an amazon child.  40 inches at 3.5!  

Even though she had a terrified look on her face the whole way down the slide, she kept going on it again and again!

Dancing away on the hay.  She's got some swagger.

We got a bucket of these amazing warm chocolate chip cookies.  Kate approved.

Kate's pumpkin she chose :)

Daddy and the girls with their pumpkins.  

Feeding the animals.  Right after I took this a goat tried to eat Aubrey's headband!  She said, "Hey, that's MINE!"


  1. so, so cute!!

  2. You got some great pics of the girls! So cute! My family loves bishops also. We make the drive out there every year!