Tuesday, October 28, 2014

happy halloween week!

Halloween week might be the best week of the year, second to Christmas of course.  We have so much fun planned this week with the girls.  It started yesterday with Aubrey getting to go to dance class in her witch costume.  I don't remember how she decided, but she told me months ago she was going to be a witch for Halloween.  At first I thought, "how original", but then I was just happy she wasn't going to be a Disney princess.  I'm definitely not anti princess, but she plays dress up all the time and wears those dresses to Disneyland, so I was just glad it would be something different for once!  Since Kate likes to copy everything her sister does, we thought it would be fitting to have her be a little witch, too.  Here are the little Sanderson sisters :)

Last night we also had the girls paint their little pumpkins that they picked out from the pumpkin patch last week.  They loved it!  We also got a big "family pumpkin" for Steve to carve, but we cut it open and it was moldy and disgusting inside!  So that will happen another night :)