Saturday, November 1, 2014

family pictures.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween - ours was pretty fabulous!  The girls and I took turns getting the stomach flu this past week, but we all ended up getting better right before Halloween.  I have to say, I'd rather have a month long awful cold than one day of the stomach flu.  I almost got down to the double digits in weight - it was BAD.  Luckily the girls got better quickly and weren't too fazed by it. They are much better troopers than their mama :)

In less disgusting news, we got our family pictures back a while ago and had to share some (okay, most) of them.  I absolutely love how our photographer (Amy Schuff) captured our family in all it's chaotic, imperfect perfection.  Having a three year old and 21 month old does not make for a perfect recipe for family pictures, but Amy got so many "in between" and candid moments, and I love those just as much as the posed ones.  I will cherish these photos of my family forever.  I love these people so so much.

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