Sunday, November 30, 2014

tis the season.

It's our family tradition to skip out on all the Black Friday madness and just spend the day together kicking off the upcoming Christmas season.  Since Steve had the whole weekend off, we knocked a few things off our holiday to do list: ice skating & decorating.

Aubrey has been asking to go ice skating for months now, ever since she saw Dora do it on tv one morning. (Anyone else find Dora's voice the worst?  Why must she yell everything she says?!)  We took her to our local ice rink and she LOVED it.  Most of the time she just rode on this seal, but she still found it to be the most awesome thing ever.  She had the biggest grin the whole time.  Kate, however, was less than enthused.  She was absolutely terrified of anything to do with that seal.  Being the mean parents we are, we had her sit on it and took her for a ride, thinking she would like it after a minute.  Nope!  She was the kid sobbing on the seal while everyone looked at Steve like he was the meanest dad ever.

The girls were all about helping decorate the tree.  That was one of my favorite things about Christmas growing up, and I'm hoping they grow up enjoying it just as much.  I always get all sentimental looking at our ornaments through the years: First Year Married, First Christmas in our New Home, Baby's First Christmas, etc.  I can't wait to see what ornaments the upcoming years bring us.

It sure is hard being 22 months old.

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