Sunday, December 7, 2014

aubrey's christmas recital.

Another Christmas recital came and went over the weekend.  Aubrey was a mouse in "The Night Before Christmas", and did so great!  It kills me that they do all the costume changing backstage so I couldn't get a picture of her in her mouse get-up, but I snapped a couple of her right before we headed to her show.  There are dancers in the show of all ages, but people always cheer the loudest for the 3 year old group.  They are just so stinkin' adorable up there dancing around!

She got to wear a little blush and lipstick so her face didn't get washed out on stage.  She was all about it!

She makes me one proud mama!  After her dance there were these huge "cheese" props for all the "mice" and all the teachers were scrambling carrying them all off the stage so they could set up for the next dance.  As all her little fellow mice scurried off the stage, she stayed back with the teachers and helped carry one of the props off the stage - its was way too sweet to watch! 

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