Monday, December 8, 2014

christmas card pictures.

This picture above was the winner for the Christmas card this year.  I actually had to do a face swap for Aubrey, since this was the only picture Kate was smiling and looking, and in the original Aubrey was blinking.  The things I do to get a good picture of these girls together!  

 This one is probably one of my favorite pictures of all time.  I couldn't have posed and set up this shot if I tried.  That is pure candid sister love right there!

Sweet Kate.  Usually she won't hold still for one nanosecond to get her picture taken, but after I put this dress on her, she was such a ham!  I love that darling smile and happy eyes of hers.

I hadn't thought I got any keepers of Aubrey because she is in a super silly stage for taking pictures, always wanting to stick her tongue out and make crazy faces.  While going through the pictures I came across this one and it nearly took my breath away.  Heaven help me when this child turns 16.

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