Thursday, January 8, 2015

Kate's Donut Party!

I told myself last year after Aubrey's mermaid wedding party, I would go easy on parties this year.  As much as I love all the planning and details, it really does take up a lot of time & energy that I don't always have.  A few weeks ago I decided to have a small party/get together for Kate's second birthday, and since the first word to comes to my mind to describe her is "sweet", we had a little donut party.  Easiest/CHEAPEST party ever.  So girly and cute, just like Miss Kate herself.

Happiest, sweetest, little girl ever.  She'll ALWAYS be my baby ;)

I kept the decor super simple.  I was going to order a felt donut banner on Etsy, but the cheapest one was SIXTY dollars.  So I made one myself… sure it kind of looks like a second grader made it, but I'm a whole heck of a lot richer because of it!  I think it turned out kinda cute.  

The spread.. just donuts and milk!  

Anything looks ten times prettier on a cake stand.

Just donuts on straws.  Totally practical..ha!

Okay…these painted donut balloons were WAY cuter on the tutorial online.  Story of my life!

Taking a little bite of her inflatable ice cream cone :)

Aubrey wanted to deliver Kate's birthday donut to her as we sang…probably wasn't the best idea.

As soon as that flame got near Kate, she freaked out!  Guess we should have saw that coming.  We are constantly warning her about how "owwie, hot!" candles/fire are!  She cried, but soon got over it once we handed her a donut to eat.  (like her third one that day)

Washin' down that sugar..

Ugh she's just so cute.

Prezzie time!  Who says birthdays right after Christmas have to be lame?

Aubrey was so sweet the whole day on Kate's birthday, trying to help her get into the excitement all day.  She is such a little mother hen and after Kate opened up her princess barbie dolls, she immediately took the shoes off the dolls.  We asked her why she did it and she just said nonchalantly: "I don't want Kate to choke!  The shoes are little, and she could choke!" Melt my heart.  

Her RELLA dress!  


  1. So cute! I think you did a GREAT job!

  2. The layout/setup looks amazing!!! Especially your donut banner is REALLY cute. And love the donuts you painted on the balloons - really festive!

  3. For me Kate’s donut party is to die for!! I loved all these party decorations. The color scheme was also very pretty. I have got so many inspirations from your post for my niece’s birthday party. Now I just need to find couple of good venues in Chicago and then I think we are good to go.