Monday, February 16, 2015

our love day.

Since Steve has the unconventional work schedule of working every Saturday, we celebrated a few nights early on Thursday.  He took me to our favorite restaurant, Sutter Street Steakhouse in Folsom.  BEST steak & shrimp of my life.  

I'll never forget our first Valentine's Day together.  Steve had gotten his wisdom teeth out the same day, but somehow he still managed to take me to our church's Valentine's Day dance, mouth full of gauze and all.  He's always known how much I love this silly holiday and done his best to make it special or me.  Love this man!

I stayed up late the night before playing Cupid for the girls.  They LOVED it all!

We started off the morning with a simple, festive breakfast.  Heart shaped pancakes, heart watermelon on a stick, & pink milk.  Excuse the awful lighting/color in these pictures - my girls get up at an ungodly hour where there is no natural light in the house!

Later in the day, we baked some strawberry cupcakes.  These little girls LOVE to bake with me.  They could be having a cranky day, and the second you mention baking to them they instantly perk up.  I love baking too - I love that there is exact measurements and hard to mess it up.  

We didn't do much the rest of the day besides play outside, (it was beautiful out) some Valentine making, & my parents came over for lunch.  We ended our day watching a movie while we waited for Daddy to get home.  We had a great, simple day celebrating love. 

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