Thursday, March 5, 2015


Four four four.  She's four now!  I still have to pinch myself sometimes that she is mine.

A few things about my four year old: 

She's very social.  She loves kids, but can be shy at first.  

She's as sweet as candy.  Everyone warned me how bad age three was, but it was my favorite year yet.  (Don't worry, she gave me a run for my money at age one and two so I earned this!)  She really is a good girl and rarely gets in any trouble.  I lucked out with this one!

She is a picky eater, but I never have to worry about her not getting enough nutrients.  She LOVES bell peppers and apples.  She snacks on them all day, which makes me feel a bit better when she only has two bites of dinner sometimes.

She's a little goof and loves to make us laugh. 

She loves My Little Pony, Disney princesses, Shopkins, & can spend hours entertaining herself playing with them.  She has a creative mind and I love that.

She gets embarrassed sometimes and it reminds me how old she is getting.  

She is a complete Daddy's girl.  He told me to make sure I include that in her birthday post :)  They have such a special relationship.  I'm so grateful my girls have such a good dad. 

Since she has started Primary at church, she is ALWAYS talking about things she learned.  One day, Steve and I were talking to each other in the car and she thought we were fighting because we sounded serious, and she said, "The Holy Ghost says, STOP!".  We also heard a loud noise come from outside one day and she said, "Oh, the Holy Ghost is speaking to me."

Don't ask.  She said, "Take a picture of me sleeping.  I want to see what I look like."  Ok then!  Let me get some of those lips, Aubrey.

Kate is her best friend, and worst enemy sometimes too. :)  I constantly am hearing them giggle together and play…and yes, fight sometimes, too!  I must admit, watching their relationship grow makes me jealous I never had a sister!

We still do our own "school" thing a couple times a week, and she has learned to write all her letters and what sounds they make.  Lately we have been working on numbers/counting, and cutting with scissors and other dexterity activities. She will probably start preschool this Fall (not positive yet) and it makes me sad but excited for her!

She still loves games so much and we are constantly playing Old Maid, Candyland, Match, & Go Fish in this house.  She actually beats me more than I like to admit!

I can't wait to see what four brings our sweet Aubrey girl.  She's turning out to be one amazing little girl and I love getting to know her and more and more as she grows!  She made me a mama four years ago and I couldn't be more thankful for her. 


  1. Aww... you've got the sweetest little girl.
    And she looks just like you!

  2. I have been following you for a few years now, and let me just say OH MY GOODNESS! Your girls are so big and beautiful! I'm not a mother yet, but man, time sure does fly! What a beauty Aubrey is!