Tuesday, March 10, 2015

third time's a charm.

It's about that time again!  Baby number three will be here in early October and we are absolutely thrilled.

We found out at the end of January, after months and months of trying.  We had done a few rounds of Clomid after trying for quite a while, (my body doesn't ovulate on it's own), and my doctor was only giving us one last shot before sending us to Infertility. (which our insurance doesn't cover a penny of).  I tried not to get my hopes up, but oh were they up.  I didn't have one single pregnancy symptom, but since I just had to know, I got up super early, snuck downstairs, and took the test.  Two pink lines immediately started showing up.  I gasped, I sobbed happy tears, & instantly dropped to my knees in a prayer of gratitude.  Each time I have ever taken a pregnancy test, I've been alone.  I love those quiet moments to myself where only I know.  They only last a few minutes though - I can't hold it in for long!

I wish I could be one of those patient people that announce their pregnancies in a cute way to their husbands - but I just could not wait.  I ran upstairs, woke him up, waved that pee stick in his face, and said, "Babe!  We're pregnant!"  He was thrilled, but a few seconds later rolled over to fall back asleep. :)  I spent the rest of the morning (it was like 5:30 am) figuring out when my due date would be, and just couldn't stop smiling.  I had a photography session a few hours later that morning and was on such a high - they probably thought I was acting so strange.  I was SO, SO happy!

A few weeks later we had our first ultrasound.  Since I had been feeling totally fine, I was extremely nervous it wouldn't go well.  Before Aubrey, I had a miscarriage (blighted ovum), and it was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through.  I also have less than stellar progesterone levels, so I'm always nervous before these appointments.  After feeling sick all morning for the first time in the pregnancy, we went in for the ultrasound and saw that beautiful little baby's heart flicker up on the screen.  Always such an amazing moment!

Isn't that the cutest little blog of grey pixels you've ever seen?!

Since I had Gestational Diabetes with Aubrey, the doctor tested me early this time.  I was SO sad to find out I have it again.  I thought I might get lucky since I didn't have it with Kate.  I have to stick to a strict diet plan (barely any carbs or sugar! wahh!), and also poke my finger with a needle four times  a day to keep track of my blood sugar levels.  Not fun - but I know that GD is mild in comparison to other complications that are possible in pregnancy, so I'm trying to stay positive and count my blessings.

Since the day of my ultrasound, I have been pretty sick.  I have fainted twice, (I have fainted in past pregnancies, so nothing new here), and have been extremely nauseous in the afternoon and night.  I've only thrown up a few times, but sometimes the nausea is so bad I WISH I could throw up just to make it go away.  I ended up putting my photography business on hold and canceling on a lot of (thankfully understanding) clients.  I just did not feel comfortable handling a newborn for 2-3 hours in a hot room, when I have been fainting and having such bad nausea.  I can't wait to get back to it once I feel better!  To be honest, as much as morning sickness just plain sucks, it puts my mind at ease because I always hear that it hints towards a healthy baby.  I haven't fainted in a few weeks, and I'm needing my stash of Saltines a little less often each day, so I'm hoping it subsides soon.

We told the girls right away, and they are so so excited!  Kate is just barely old enough to understand what is happening.  Aubrey wants a baby brother and Kate wants a baby sister.  The other day, Aubrey said, "I think the baby is just dancing around in there, singing "I like to move it, move it!" Haha!  My belly has been well loved with lots of kisses.  They are going to be the best big sisters ever.  I'm kind of excited for a bigger age gap this time.  I'll have two little helpers with me that i just know will be in love with that baby.

I was so overwhelmed and filled with gratitude after announcing our pregnancy on social media yesterday - we are so blessed to have so much support and wonderful people in our lives that love us and are so thrilled for us.  You would think this whole pregnancy thing gets less exciting after a couple times - but I swear I'm as excited as the first time!  It's fun knowing what to expect - I cannot WAIT to fall in love all over again this October.


  1. I always love reading your blog and I'm so excited for you! I can't imagine going through all that! You are seriously superwoman! :) Good Luck with everything!

  2. Congratulations ! I'm sooo happy for you and your lovely family :)

  3. This is just so awesome!! I'm so glad that you're body was just able to do it's thing (kind of) and give you that sweet baby blessing. So happy for you guys! :)

  4. Congratulations! So excited for you!!! Wish you healthy / smooth pregnancy.
    Makes me jealous now I want a baby too...!!!

  5. Congratulations! A third blessing is also what my hubby and I are planning for soon(not expecting yet though). I hope you are able to continue posting! I'm sure alot of mom's wonder what it's like with 3 children. Your blog and family are so adorable... Thanks for sharing!