Tuesday, April 14, 2015

girl girl girl!

We are so, so so excited to announce baby #3 is another GIRL!!  We went to an early gender ultrasound place and within 30 seconds of starting the ultrasound, the lady told us with no doubts that "it" is a "she!"  I am so giddy about having a house full of girls.  I'd be lying if I said it's not a dream come true.  Of course I would have been thrilled if it were a boy, but I definitely wasn't the least bit disappointed. ;)  Steve….is doing fine. Haha!

Steve's version of the announcement ;)  He was hoping for a boy this time, but is such a great sport.  He said as long as at least one of the girls is good at basketball, he's fine with all girls.  (Let's pray they don't get my incredibly unathletic, uncoordinated genes)

The girls are thrilled to have another sister.  I look at this picture and feel so lucky - I'll take ten of these beauties!


  1. Dear Lisa,

    I read your blog for more than 2 years, and finally I just have to write a comment, because I am so thankful that you share your "everyday fairy-tales" here. :-) Your blog is a door where I can see the miracle of a beautifully normal life, and when your happiness flooding here, it really comes through, and brings happyness to the readers too. :-)

    Congratulations for your third Baby! :-)

    Wish you the best,