Saturday, April 18, 2015

salt lake city.

A postponed wedding & nonrefundable plane tickets landed Steve & I on a very random kidless weekend in Salt Lake City last week.  I tried to get the plane tickets changed to another state we'd rather visit, but Expedia doesn't let you do things like that we learned.  We ended up having a great time in Utah and enjoyed the alone time.  

Our first stop was City Creek Mall & Temple Square.  It's so beautiful there.  Say what you want about us crazy Mormons, but you really can't beat our gorgeous temples ;)  Steve was making fun of me because it was 60 degrees outside and I was FREEZING.  I kept saying, "How do people live like this?!"  Everyone there was in shorts.  

That evening we had dinner at "The Roof" on top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building.  It was SO. DELICIOUS!  It was a buffet, but super nice with entrees like prime rib & salmon.  I was freaking out about the dessert buffet.  I wanted to have a huge plate, but this dang gestational diabetes let me only have a few bites.  

Also, shout out to my mama for fixing this dress for me!  I bought the maternity version from ASOS in their smallest size, thinking it would fit, even if it was a little baggy in the waist.  It was HUGE.  My mom saved the day and took it in for me, and left a tiny bit in the middle so I can use it during my pregnancy.  (Until I'm REALLY huge anyways) 

We decided to go see Insurgent after dinner, and were VERY pleasantly surprised to see the theater had LEATHER RECLINER SEATS.  I was in heaven.  California really needs to get on this, stat!  By the way - the movie was so good!  I'm usually not at all into sci-fi action movies, but I love this series.

The next morning we went to the Tulip Festival in Lehi.  It was beautiful!  

Steve isn't a selfie fan, can you tell?  We stopped by Park City in the middle of the day and had QUITE the experience on the Alpine Coaster. Steve kept reassuring me it was really slow and I'd be fine.  I asked the worker lady if it was safe for pregnancy and after she told me, "Absolutely!" I decided to go with him.   It was SO fast & SO fun - but the whole time I was yelling to Steve "If my baby dies because of this you are DEAD!  LIKE I'M LITERALLY GOING TO KILL YOU!"  all while laughing & crying.  (No worries - I had an ultrasound Monday and baby survived the coaster!)  

I've heard so much about this place called, "Swig," (basically Sonic) and their soda and cookies.  Definitely tasty, but can't really tell the difference between Sonic?  We were laughing at how long the drive thru line there was.  Diet soda is definitely the Mormon version of coffee :) 

We ended up trying Market Street Grill for our last dinner in Salt Lake.  Steve got this tiny salad and I….got this.  Haha!  #pregnant

The next morning we went and picked up our cute girls from Grammy & Papa's house.  They were so excited to see us & tell us all that they did.  We definitely kissed their little faces off - it's amazing how much you can miss your kids for even just two days away.  

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  1. That looks like such a fun weekend! And I am dying over all that delicious food!