Tuesday, May 26, 2015

20 weeks!

I can hardly believe I'm already at the halfway point.  I swear after the yucky first trimester pregnancy just zooms on by!  One part of me doesn't want to wish time away and enjoy this last Summer with just the two girls, and the other part of me CAN'T WAIT to meet this baby girl.

We had our anatomy ultrasound this morning and everything is looking good!  Baby is still a GIRL and due to arrive right around October 11th.  

 This is the only bump shot I've taken lately - we are at an apartment for the next three months while the house is being built, and one of the features is a fitness center.  I haven't exercised once this pregnancy and it felt kind of good to walk on an incline on the treadmill for a while.  (Ok, 15 minutes, but more than what I was doing before!)  I feel like I really look PREGNANT now and not like I just ate two Chipotle burritos.  

As far as other little pregnancy details...

 - I had my first CONTRACTION the other night.  I was laying in bed, feeling her move because she's a little monkey at 9pm each night, and a few minutes later I felt my whole lower tummy tighten up and I could feel right where she was!  It lasted for about 30 seconds.  I do not remember ever getting braxton hicks this early with my other girls, but I know this is my third (fourth counting my miscarriage) pregnancy so I'm sure my body just does things quicker now.  

-Baby girl has a NAME!!!  We don't have a middle name yet, and I have some commitment issues with names, so I won't say just yet.  But it starts with E and we absolutely love it. :)

-Probably the best news of the week - I PASSED my glucose test!!  My old dr had "pre" diagnosed me with gestational diabetes just based on my A1C blood test and was having me test my sugars four times daily, but I did the "real" test this week and not only passed, but wasn't even NEAR having it!  I was so relieved because I had been losing more and more weight.  Since adding some carbs and sugar back into my diet, I've already gotten back up to my pre pregnancy weight.  I feel so much better - Steve was making fun of me for doing a happy dance when I finally hit 110 pounds!  I'm still trying to eat pretty healthy, but it's SO nice being able to add some yummy stuff back in.  I can actually give in to my cravings now!

-I feel the baby move each night now, & can feel her with my hands on the outside too.  Steve felt her for the first time the other night.  It's always sweet at first, but then a little creepy when you can really see body parts poking out of your belly. Ah!

-The girls are ALL about talking about baby E and I feel so good about how they will do with her in October.  To be honest, I was hoping they would all be a lot closer together, (I've always wanted kids really close together in school, church, etc.) but I feel like the age gap has been a good little break for them AND my body.  It's always frustrating when it takes a while to get pregnant, (and I totally get my fertility issues are microscopic compared to tons of other people), but God really does have a plan and knows what's best for us.  Praying and trusting Him throughout this whole process has been such a comfort!

I'm just really enjoying pregnancy right now.  I know I only have so many weeks before the heartburn, back aches, and feeling huge will begin, so I'm soaking up this "honeymoon" stage of pregnancy I'm in.  


  1. Congrats on passing your glucose test and yay for baby names!!!

  2. Yay!!! So happy you are doing well :)

  3. That top picture is cute!!