Saturday, June 13, 2015

summer disney trip.

Last week we went with Steve's family to the happiest place on Earth - one last time before baby comes this Fall!  Some people ask how we are able to go so often - we definitely would NOT go so often without season passes.  We get the "Blackout" passes, so we can only go during certain times of year and days of week, but they all happen to work perfectly with Steve's work schedule (plus they are only times during the slow season so it's a LOT less busy.)  They are much cheaper than regular passes and literally pay for themselves in two visits!  So we try to sneak in three or four visits to make it REALLY worth it ;)  We are only about six hours away from Anaheim in Southern California, so it's not too terrible of a drive.  Obviously the kids love it - who doesn't love this place?!  I married into a hardcore Disney loving family, and I'm not complaining one bit :)

A lot of time is spent in this stroller for Kitty Kate around the park, but she doesn't mind too much. (That is one FILTHY stroller).

Dumbo ride with Grandpa.

 Usually Kate is scared of the characters - but she warmed up to Tink.  Maybe because she's a little closer to her size!

Teacups with Grandma - Steve & I refuse to go on spinning rides!

One family picture per trip is always my goal - and I never bring my camera anymore so these are all phone shots.  It's just so much easier not having to stress about a camera!

Kate loves the Monsters Inc ride!  For some reason Kate LOVES the villain of the movie, Randall.  We had to take a picture "with him"!

She didn't want me to hold her one bit while riding the carousel - my big girl!

My guy.  Love him and that hottie beard of his!  (Too bad he shaved it after returning home.) :(

 Queen Elsa greeting people as they enter the restaurant.  That $10 dress from HomeGoods of all places was the best purchase ever!  There were a million other little Elsa's around the park wearing the Disney version of the dress, but I liked this one best.;) I forgot the name of this place but they have the BEST beignets ever.  My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Such independent big girls - they like to sit at their own table now!  Not complaining too much though - I'll take a "date" with their dad any day.

 Cutest sisters ever!  Kate had to let us know each time she saw the castle that it was hers.  "Elsa's castle!! My castle!"

I had to sit out on all the "thrill rides", but this girl didn't mind riding with daddy one bit.  I'll admit he's the total favorite!!

You might have seen on Instagram (@lisa_anne08) that I made quite an embarrassing scene in the middle of the Dumbo ride line.  We were standing there waiting, and I felt super dizzy all of a sudden and told Steve I was going to pass out.  Sure enough, I did - right on his lap.  I'm so thankful he was right there!  I usually went on rides like that alone with Kate while him and Aubrey went on bigger rides.  Turns out I get really low blood pressure while standing while pregnant. They had to stop the ride and call in nurses and pulled me away in a wheelchair - SOO embarrassing but they took very good care of me!  I'm no stranger to fainting so I wasn't too worried. 
 All the walking during the two days at Disney was a little rough on me, but I think it was good for me (us!).  I had some braxton hicks contractions on and off during the days we were there - I thought I had forgotten what they feel like but the feeling comes right back to ya!

We had a great trip and can't wait to go back next year when we have THREE little princesses to bring with us - that should be interesting, eh?!

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