Tuesday, June 30, 2015

when i grow up.

Last weekend Aubrey had her end of the year dance recital.  Her class danced to Shirley Temple's darling song, "When I Grow Up".  There probably was never one moment during the whole dance that any of the girls were doing the same move at the same time, which always makes for hilarious and adorable entertainment! They all shouted the song at the top of their lungs while dancing - so funny!  I just love watching her up there with all her cute facial expressions.  She makes me so proud!

As always, I took some pictures of her in her recital costume in my studio.  This girl has seriously got posing down.  She gets up on the stage and we play the "1, 2, 3, pose!" game and her moves are just so sassy!  This kid kills me.  We spent the morning getting her all gussied up - hair rollers, blush, and lipstick.  It's the one time of year she gets to act like a little diva - and the one time of year I get to pretend to be a pageant mom.  (Don't worry - I would NEVER!)

We brought Kate to the second show so she could watch Aubrey, and she LOVED it!  Every time a dance would end, she would clap her hands and shout, "Anudda one!"  She has such a hard time every Monday watching me take Aubrey to dance, she ALWAYS cries and says, "I wanna dance toooo!"  I always feel bad - it's hard being the little sister sometimes!  

Right before the show.  

Proudest mama ever!  Love my big girl.

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  1. these pictures are darlin'! they totally brought me back to my ballerina days--a long time ago. haha!