Wednesday, July 29, 2015

San Francisco.

Last week we were stuck in the apartment practically 24/7 - I decided to potty train Kate after she told me she needed to go potty one night and sat and went.  She was obviously ready!  In the middle of potty training, she ended up getting the stomach flu (in the MIDDLE of potty training. Wah!), so that kept us at home even more.  We were DYING to get out of the apartment, so on Monday we headed to San Francisco for the day.  We sure preferred the 73 degree weather over Sacramento's 105!

First we took the girls to Pier 39 - they've never been so it was a must.  

We also went to the aquarium at the Pier - it was small, short and sweet.  Perfect for our girls ages!  I always love the jelly fish.

Later in the day we went peddle boating at Stow Lake in Golden Gate park.  It's so beautiful there.  The girls loved it!  

I've always wanted to see the "Painted Ladies" victorian mansions in SF so we made a stop there and took some pictures.  

After grabbing some dinner, we headed home and the girls fell asleep the whole way.  Most trips we take like this always seem to be exhausting between all the getting in/out of car seats, getting the stroller out, making sure everyone has gone to the potty, etc. but something about this trip was just so peaceful and dare I say it, easy?  I think the girls gave us a break since it was our last family trip before the new baby comes.  ;)  Regardless, it was the perfect last Summer getaway as a family of four!  I will always love this stage of our little family's lives, but look forward to the adventures to come with THREE kiddos, too!

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  1. Look at your cute belly! That princess is a cookin! I can't wait to see how adorable she is, just like her big sisters!