Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tahoe 2015.

This past weekend my family drove with me up to Tahoe to enjoy it's beauty.  Steve was already up there in charge of a tournament, and thankfully this trip he was able to spend lots of time with us!

We stopped at the lake and both girls were SO brave in the cold water.  I couldn't go in past my knees!  

Aubrey tried burying herself and wanted NO help.

I didn't think Kate would really go in the water too deep so I didn't bother with a swim diaper.  Baby got back!

We relaxed for a bit at the condo, then had dinner and ice cream at the CUTEST little ice cream shop ever.  Those chairs!  And that little girl! :)

These two always impress me with how well they do on vacation.  It's not always easy skipping naps, getting off routine, and driving places when you're little, and they did great!

While the kids sleep, mom & dad get some relaxation time!  

Such a good daddy - he doesn't even blink when the girls ask to be carried.  You better believe they'd be walking if they had asked me!!

The next day we took a drive to Emerald Bay. Soo beautiful!  

Love my guy.  

Nothin' like Grammy!

My dad took this cheesy picture of us.  I kinda love it!  I love pictures with just us in it.  It rarely happens since we've had our little monkeys!

Always a daddy's girl.  I got my love of taking pictures from this guy and I'll be forever grateful.

Everyone else's kid always has hair in their eyes and scratches from unknown reasons on their face, right?!

Time to sign up for life insurance!

On a little walk by the condos with Papa..
Looking for dolphins (lol) while waiting for breakfast.  I look at this picture and imagine another little girl standing next to them.  Next year I'll have three girls tagging along with us in Tahoe!!  This makes me so giddy (and a little tired just thinking about it!)

Until next year!  Always a little sad to leave this beautiful place.

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  1. What a lovely time you had! I've lived in Sac my whole life and have never been to Tahoe. I've always wanted to go, but don't know what to do out there, but every year I see your Tahoe posts and I kick myself for still not having made the trip!